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About Us

We believe deeply in the inherent worth of each person, and that health, as one of our most precious assets in life, is something to be guarded and pursued.  Health can be defined as the fullness of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual well being.  At Eastside Family Health Center we take an aggressive approach to the diagnosis of health problems, and no symptom is considered too small.  We esteem the opinion of our patients, and we work to enter into a partnership for their health.

Other Services

Certified L & I Examinations | Adult and Adolescent Healthcare | Women’s Healthcare | Comprehensive Physical Exams | Sports Medicine | Auto Accidents | Occupational Health | Cardiac and Vascular Testing | FAA Flight Physicals | Wilderness and High Altitude Medicine | Travel Medicine Clinic | Diabetes Care | Community Service

Here for you

Whether you've been involved in an auto accident, Job related, spirts injury or are in need of a simple physical, we're here for you!


Don't forget our FAA Flight Physicals and wilderness and high altitude medicine. And our travel medicine clinic.

Family Care

We're dedicated to the entire family with comprehensive physical examinations, women's helthcare, adult and adolescent healthcare.


We valso specialize in sports medicine, cardiac and vascular testing, diabetes care and community services.


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