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Welcome to Eastside Family Health Center

Dr. Frank MarinkovichWe are so thrilled you stopped by our site. NOW come see us at our offices located at 11415 Slater Avenue Northeast in Kirkland WA! We have so many exciting happening at Eastside and we can’t wait to share them with you. Please, stop in and say hello!

At Eastside Family Health Center, we approach healthcare with an emphasis on disease prevention, nutrition, exercise, and the latest science and technology.  Eastside Family Health Center provides adult and adolescent healthcare founded upon a strong base of primary care internal medicine.  We offer a wide array of services including special interests in sports medicine, women’s health, care for issues related to motor vehicle accidents, diabetes prevention and treatment, and a newly added international travel medicine clinic.  Please visit Services page for further details.

Eastside Family Health Center is also involved both locally and internationally in healthcare for the underserved and indigent.  Our providers are involved in a local free medical clinic partially supported by the Rotary Club.  In addition, in 2006, Kingdom Medical Missions International was started to help support a yearly medical relief trip to Kenya and most recently South Africa.  This mission also includes the training of local pre-medical and nursing students.

Although Eastside Family Health Center began in 1999, the clinic roots date back to the early 1950’s with two Dutch physicians who were missionary doctors, and whose vision led to the foundation of Shoreline Family Medical Center.  Dr. Frank Marinkovich joined Shoreline Family Medical Center in 1991 as an internist and continued there until 1999.

In 1999, Eastside Family Health Center was founded by Dr. Frank Marinkovich.  Dr. Frank had a desire to offer more personalized care in the face of an ever-expanding corporate model of American health care.  A shared desire to provide such personalized care is what accounts for the close relationships amongst the staff.

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